Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart

There will be a public meeting on Wednesday 12th September at 8pm at the Bear Church on Frankham Street, Deptford. Please join us to raise concerns with Joan Ruddock (MP) and Representatives from Tideway Tunnels.

Thames Water want to use vital green space in the centre of Deptford as a worksite for the construction of the Thames Tunnel Super Sewer system. If the proposed works go ahead the land will be a construction site for years. Even after these works are completed sewer vents will remain on site as will a work “kiosk” for Thames Water.

This campaign is dedicated to saving the green at the heart of Deptford.

Locals protesting against a Thames Tunnel worksite on Deptford’s green

This public green in Deptford’s town centre lies between Deptford Church Street, Coffey Street and Crossfield Street. It is one of the few leafy open spaces in Deptford’s urban environment. A lot of money and time is being spent on making the centre of town a better place to live and work but undertaking construction works by building a shaft 46 meters deep and 17 meters in diameter to the sewers on our park and leaving us with sewer vents and a Thames Water work “kiosk” would only detract from these improvements.

This proposed Thames Tunnel construction site is right next to St Joseph’s primary school! It is close to Tidemill school, too, and borders Deptford High Street as well as many homes. It is also close to many buisnesses and places of worship. As such its impact would be deeply felt by the community here, particularly our children.

The green is in Deptford’s conservation area. It is right next to two listed buildings, St Paul’s church and the railway viaduct which are both central to the history and the beauty of the area. Using this site for Thames Tunnel works would disturb one of the few spaces in Deptford where it is possible to get a sense of what Deptford once was like.

We do not dispute the importance of Thames Tunnel works. We do, however, urge Thames Water not to undertake works on green space. Furthermore, we believe works should not be undertaken on a site imbued with such historical importance and which is so central to community life when other sites are available in the area. 

We are dedicated to saving this public green and Deptford town centre. We hope you will join us.



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