Help us combat Thames Tunnel pollution

One of the most powerful arguments we have against the Thames Tunnel at Crossfields Green is the impact it will have on the already poor quality of air locally.

Quite apart from the dust and building fumes, the tunnel works will dramatically increase the number of heavy lorries in the area and bring traffic to a standstill at Deptford Church Street because of the two lane closures. This means three and a half years of even heavier congestion and pollution in an area where levels are already regularly in breach of the recommended EU standards . And, don’t forget that Thames Water refused to confirm that there would be no fumes or smells coming from the tunnel shafts once the work is complete. Poor air quality is a very real threat to the health of our community, especially to the respiratory health of the old and very young.

We therefore plan to run an air quality monitoring exercise in the New Year, to establish just what impact the Tunnel will have.

In January, air quality groups will be conducting placing air quality monitoring tubes at selected points across the capital. These will help to build a picture of where pollution levels are highest in London. Though we have evidence that air quality is extremely poor at the Greenwich (north) end of Deptford Church Street, the monitoring in Lewisham is significantly less comprehensive.

We therefore plan to buy and install air quality tubes around the Crossfields Green area, particularly close to the schools but preferably all over Deptford, to support our case to Thames Water.

We need your help.

We are looking for volunteers to go out in teams of two, with a stepladder, to install air quality monitoring tubes on the 5th January 2014, and then to collect them on or around the 9th February. The time, date and positions must be recorded and we expect to have the results back in about a fortnight after that.

Each tubes costs £7, and this includes an analysis report. We’d like to place a minimum of 30 but we currently have no funds (and no bank account).

So, please let me us know if you can:
a) volunteer to help install the tubes on Sunday 5 January;
b) help remove them on Sunday 9 February;
c) pledge some money to help buy the tubes; and/or
d) ask any clubs or organisations you are a member of to pledge cash to our cause.

Please email with your offers of help and cash pledges. Your support will make a difference!


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