Tell Thames Water to Take a Walk


Thames Water plan to build their Super Sewer on Crossfields Green, Deptford. It will blight the area for more than five years, cause traffic mayhem and rob the local community of one of the last remaining green spaces of its type. To add insult to injury there is a perfectly viable alternative.

So please help us fight their plans – support these two vitally important events if you can.

Site visit 30 January
The Planning Inspectors have the power to ask the Government to change the route of the Super Sewer. They will be visiting Deptford Church Street and Crossfields Green at 2pm on Thursday 30 January. Unfortunately this is just about the quietest possible time and time of year in the life of the Green. So we feel that we need to show how much we value it. Please come along and use the Green in any way you like. Bring a ball, have a walk, or bring a water-proofed picnic! And, bring your dog if you have one. The super sewer will inconvenience pooches too, so join the big dog walk from 2pm.
Fred dawg 2
Open Hearing 5 February
On Tuesday night Thames Water confirmed that it would be perfectly possible not to use the Deptford Church Street site. So, there is still everything to play for. The Inspectors said they want to hear more. They have arranged an Open Hearing at 8pm on 5 February at the Deptford Lounge on Giffin Street. Anyone can attend and anyone can speak, so please come along and tell them what you think of their plans. If you only tell them that you support what the other people have said, it will help. The more people attending, the better.

Download our leaflet Walk the dog flyer final


One response to “Tell Thames Water to Take a Walk

  1. do not wish to enter name

    Thames water this is not an ideal lace for your to build your tunnel. I suggest you go elsewhere. Thank you. Concerned resident of

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