Super Sewer approved

The Secretaries of State announced on 12 September that they have given the go ahead to the plans to build London’s super sewer.

The very lengthy decision does acknowledge our concerns, especially with respect to the pollution impacts (paragraph 28) and the loss of Crossfields Amenity Site (which they recognise is a significant factor against the project – see para 145 among other references) but essentially the decision is to approve this flawed plan.

Campaigners across London have greeted the decision with dismay, and we will seriously consider joining them in a judicial review since it will otherwise cost every Londoner hundreds of pounds when even the government’s own experts have questioned the cost, environmental benefit and it’s effectiveness. Furthermore, it is our belief that Thames Water must reflect on how they can repair the damage done to relations with the people of Deptford and minimise the blight on the community.

We intend to convene a meeting soon to consider next steps. Watch this space for further details.

Full details of the decision are available at

What do you think? Send us your views and comments.

One response to “Super Sewer approved

  1. Question the claims

    It’s my view that Thames Water could care less about public relations in Deptford alone.

    Co-ordinated London wide legal efforts are needed to tackle this money grabbing project.

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