Preparatory roadworks start in August

Map shows the trial trenches

Map shows the trial trenches

Thames Water propose to dig a minimum of seven trial trenches in the pavements and roads surrounding Crossfields Green over a three week period, starting on 27 July.

Precisely what they’re looking for isn’t explained but these ‘ground investigation works’ will presumably give some clues about what they’ll have to tunnel through. They’ll no doubt give us a taste of what’s to come as some of the footpaths will be closed and the plan seems to suggest that at least one of the northbound lanes in Deptford Church Street will be dug up.

On balance doing this work in August is probably good timing, especially for the children at St Joseph’s, and the traffic will no doubt be quieter. But it is likely to reduce use of the Green during the summer holiday. Regrettably this loss of amenity does not mean Thames Water will have to fund anything for the community under the section 106 agreement (the ‘compensation’ contract between the council and Thames Water,) this will have to wait until the works start for real. Deep joy.


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