15 months of preparatory work starts

Thames Water, or ‘Tideway’ as they have now styled themselves, have set out the timetable for the next phases of preparatory works in and around Deptford Church Street.

From late September there will be 15 months of disruption as contractors J Murphy & Sons work up to 55 hours a week to relocate the utilities around Crossfields Green.

The works will be in four phases and will be concentrated on Coffey Street and Crossfields Street for the first seven months before moving on to the potentially much more disruptive Deptford Church Street for the remaining eight. Here, the busy through road will be reduced to one lane in each direction for four months at a time in each direction, though efforts will be made to provide for pedestrians, cyclists and to relocate the pedestrian crossing. Although entry to the school and church will be preserved, any movement in and out of Bronze Street and Berthon Street will be prevented for up to four months.

The details and map will be published here soon. The help desk, for those with queries, can be contacted on 0800 0721 086. The next meeting of the Community Liaison Working Group is promised for October.

What is unclear is what part of the site the contractors will occupy. Though their notification talks about fencing off and moving in equipment, it is not obvious where this enclosure will be. We have sought clarification and will report back here as soon as we have an answer.


One response to “15 months of preparatory work starts

  1. Good to see that the closure of the lane has not led to the horrific traffic delays some envisaged. That stretch of road always get busy and can’t say I’ve noticed it any worse when I drive through each day.

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