Smoke on Thames Water!


Strike a light – it’s a smokers’ paradise!

Local residents are seeing Deep Purple now that it has come to light that Thames Water’s first community ‘benefit’ is a makeshift smokers’ shelter on Crossfields Green, Deptford.

J Murphy & Sons’ first strike in their £multi-million contract to build the controversial Thames Tideway Tunnel was to construct an open-fronted plywood shed to protect the tobacco-loving teachers at nearby St Joseph’s Primary School from the elements.

The decision has ignited passions as local people say it will encourage smoking near the school and impact on the local environment. They point out that the contractors have already been responsible for damage to the green spaces locally, including by using Crossfields Green for parking.

“There’s no fire in the sky, but there’s definitely smoke on Thames Water!” says Nick Williams of campaign group, Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart. “But unlike ageing rockers, Deep Purple, Thames Water continue to demonstrate how out-of-touch they are. The Tideway Tunnel is an expensive, environmentally nonsensical anachronism that will add £80 a year to every Londoner’s water rates. They would be much better investing their energy on something that would truly light up the local community.”

Editor’s note: apologies to anyone who has not heard of Deep Purple. I’m guessing that’s pretty much anyone under the age of 50!

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