Trees will be felled in January

44-trees-twitterThames Water subsidiary, Thames Tideway, has confirmed that they intend to cut down the trees at Crossfields Green from 16 January 2017. In all 44 trees will be cut down on the green and another on Deptford Church Street itself.

The sad news came on the day that yet another scientific report highlighted the danger of living near to busy roads. Researchers found that people living near main roads are at higher risk of contracting dementia, with exhaust fumes and/or noise cited as likely causes. Our trees, of course, play a vital role in mitigating the worst effects of the traffic so they will be sadly missed and one less protective health measure for the community.

And, just to add to the controversy, it follows warnings from MPs that the (unnecessary) super sewer project – which is the reason for the decimation of the trees – could add as much as £90 a year to people’s water rates if costs run out of control. Grant Shapps MP criticised his own government in saying the contract with tideway should have had better protection for householders built into the contracts.

Tideway recently rejected calls from campaigners to reexamine their plans to minimise the loss of trees, but say that they will replace them and plan to plant mature trees prior to the completion of the project.  The details of this initiative are, however, apparently not yet available.

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