can-you-see-the-wood-and-the-treesIn response to residents’ fears about the loss of trees on Crossfields Green, Tideway has agreed to provide twice as many replacements once the work is completed.  In addition, they also propose to plant an unspecified number of semi-mature trees close by, as soon as possible.

In an effort to establish them before the planting season ends, Lewisham Council’s tree officer has suggested three possible locations:  within the Crossfield Estate, Ferranti Park and Margaret McMillan Park. She and the Project Manager for the area, Adam Platts, will be leading a walkabout at 11am on 16 January to discuss the best locations and species. Interested residents are invited to meet at the corner of Bronze Street and Deptford Church Street, opposite Crossfield Green.

If you cannot make it, don’t hesitate to tell us where you would like to see more trees, and we will pass your suggestions on.  Leave a comment below.


  1. As a resident of Crossfields, although we would appear to have a lot of trees we also have a lot of pollution from the road. Some time ago a lot of trees were felled. Where they were in the paving, the spaces were filled with very ugly concrete. I think it would be welcome if these were replanted.
    No more London Planes please. I had no time to research suitable trees but did come across an interesting piece from ????Council specifying their approach to pavement planting-including suitable trees

  2. I have just heard about this on the local news.Thames Tideway are not respecting the importance of trees in our environment the oxygen that the trees give us to take 60 year old trees and fell them is appalling.
    Yes we need a new sewer but not at the cost of the trees and people well being.
    We will have the same fight in the West of London we support you posted on fbook

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