Next community Liaison meeting with Tideway is scheduled for 7 March 2017

There are currently no events scheduled 

 Past Events

  • 28 November, Community Liaison meeting 7pm at the Creekside Centre
  • 21 January          Next campaign meeting.  7pm at the Pink Palace, Frankham Street (junction with Deptford Church Street) SE8
  • 30th January     Site visit by the planning inspectors at Crossfields Green at 2pm.  Come along to join our activities and bring your dog!
  • 3rd February       Collection of air quality monitoring tubes
  • 5th February       Open Hearing of the Planning Inspectorate.
    8.30pm at the Deptford Lounge, Giffin Street.
    Join Joan Ruddock MP and local campaigners in making your objections known.
    Briefing from 11am – 2pm at the Pink Palace, Frankham House, Frankham Street (junction with Deptford Church Street) SE8 4RN on Sunday 5 January 2014 and installation in the following few days.  If you can spare a couple of hours to help, let us know.  Email
  • Campaign meeting
    6 – 7.30pm, Sunday 8 December 2013
    Pink Palace, Frankham House, corner of Deptford Church St & Frankham Street, Deptford London SE8 4RN.
  • Public Demonstration
    There will be a public hearing on the siting of the Thames Tunnel at 8.45am, Thursday 21 November at the AHOY Centre, Borthwick Street, Deptford, SE8 3JY. Come and join us at a fun and friendly public demonstration to Save our Green!
  • A winter picnic was held to mark local opposition to the use of the Deptford Church Street site as a Thames Tunnel worksite. The picnic also celebrated the granting of the lease of land to a local community garden group for the next two to three years.

    Winter picnic

  • The school children of St Joseph’s say “NO” to the use of the Deptford Church Street triangle as a Thames Tunnel worksite. To read more about this click HERE.
  • Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart campaigners recently gave a petition of nearly 850 signatures opposing the use of the Deptford Church Street site to Thames Tunnel representatives. To read more about this click HERE.
  • A public meeting with Thames Tunnel representatives and chaired by local MP Joan Ruddock, took place on Tuesday 15th November. More than 80 concerned locals attended to hear the presentation given by Phil Stride, head of Tideway Tunnels. Joan Ruddock introduced the meeting and made clear that she would be taking a neutral view in her capacity as chair but in her capacity as MP for Deptford Lewisham she believes Thames Water’s proposals for the Deptford Church St site are “not acceptable”.  So many questions were posed that the meeting overran by thirty minutes.  Chief among them were:
    ·         The impact on the educational lives and safety of children attending St Joseph’s school.
    ·         Concerns over limitations of the consultation including poor advertisement/fliering, relative distance of consultation exhibition away from the Deptford Church Street site and failure of the Thames Tunnel team to write a requested response with hardcopy plans for this proposed site. Furthermore, dismay was expressed that the site would only be involved in one round of consultation as opposed to the two rounds that most other sites including Borthwick Wharf have been involved in.
    ·         Liberty Mosse, Chair of the ‘Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart’ campaign asked about the centrality of the site to Deptford’s community in light of school, places of worship, high street shopping and important green and historical issues.
    ·         Deputy Mayor Alan Smith, speaking against the plans, questioned the technical aspects of Thames Water’s section.
    ·         The key question of how Deptford Church Street had gone from not being originally shortlisted in Phase I to being the preferred site in Phase II was left unanswered.  In this context, there was deep concern about ‘social justice’ and the general trend for large infrastructure problems to gravitate away from middle class areas towards areas with higher levels of deprivation.
    ·         Phil Stride of the Thames Tunnel team was asked how he thought community here would be impacted, compared with community at the less central and formerly preferred site on the foreshore.  Mr Stride answered by saying that was what the consultation aimed to find out and assured the meeting that site selection can change again.
    In his summation, Oliver Seal (speaking for the “Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart” campaign) encouraged concerned local residents and businesses to “attend all Thames Water’s consultations, write to Thames Water, email Thames Water and support us in this campaign”. To read news coverage of the meeting click HERE.
  • On Saturday 30th of July 2011 there was a community protest against Thames Tunnel’s proposal to use green land next to Deptford Church Street as a Thames Tunnel worksite and as a location for sewer vents. See news coverage HERE.


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