Developers pledge to be good neighbours

key-pointsSupersewer developers, Thames Tideway, pledged to be ‘good neighbours’ during the course of their five to six years work on Crossfields Green and at the meeting of the community liaison group on Monday (28 November).

The team of developers, contractors and consultants working in Deptford and at the Greenwich Pumping station set out the next stages of the works and their desire to keep the local community informed.

Residents called for more detailed and imaginative plans to make sure residents are properly engaged, and for openness and transparency on issues ranging from noise and air quality monitoring to working hours and traffic management.

Greenwich Councillor Mehboob Khan volunteered to chair this and future meetings, which are expected to be held every three months.

The meeting also heard from Lewisham Council’s Adam Platts who is starting to draw up the masterplan for Crossfields Green. The planning kicks off with informal discussions and a call for ideas in December, and consultation on a number of options around Easter with the aim of agreeing a plan by the summer 2017. The timetable – which kicks off some five years before the work is due to be completed – is dictated by the need to synchronise with the tunnel programme works. We’ll publish more detail here in the next few days.

Informal notes of the meeting are available here.


Community liaison meets Monday

The supersewer developers, Tideway, have arranged the next Deptford Church Street and Greenwich Pumping Station Community Liaison Working Group meeting for Monday 28 November, 7pm-9pm at the Creekside Discovery Centre, 14 Creekside, SE8 4SA.

Apparently this will be a formal meeting, rather than a drop-in session, but our request for the agenda appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Get along if you can. Otherwise we’ll try to publish a report here.

Keep it considerate

imageIf you were kept awake last night by the roadworks on Deptford Church Street you will find no comfort in the fact that major works in this area are set to continue for another three and a half years.

These works, commissioned by Thames Water for their super sewer project, could be a taste of what is to come on the western side of Deptford Church Street. And, of course, the context is of very significant building work across the area which already causes considerable noise, dust and traffic and parking problems. The combined effect is to make a living here a lot less comfortable.

It is important that you do complain if you are disturbed. It may make no practical impact in the short term but it does help us argue for better protection for residents in future and to assists our campaign to improve liveability in this area.

The Thames Water 24 hour helpdesk phone line is actually staffed 24 hours a day so if you are inconvenienced by the works going on along Deptford Church Street we recommend you ring them and make sure you log a formal complaint. They do respond even in the middle of the night. Last night they were able to establish by about half past midnight that the works would continue for up to another two hours which proved to be correct, though the news was of no particular use to anybody. It was not mentioned in any of their publicity, which had blandly referred only to the road closure.

So, if you want to complain or find out more about what’s going on then the telephone number of the 24-hour helpline is 08000 30 80 80 or you can email them at Copy in the council at

And look out for their community liaison working group meeting on 28 November. Details from

Prepare to be engaged

Thames Tideway Tunnel Limited has organised an ‘informal drop-in session’ for the evening of 28 July at the Creekside Centre. It’s not clear, as usual, who has been invited, but presumably they’ll welcome everyone since their last efforts to engage us were so dismal. It presents a good opportunity to see how they’re getting on with the works, how they’re managing the traffic (there’s a lot of unhappiness locally about how the bus stops have been moved – without shelter or seating) and what the next steps are for implementing the section 106, which promises among other things controlled parking zones, support for the school, local employment etc. This is summarised elsewhere on this blog site. Come along if you can. Details below.

TIDEWAY – Deptford Church Street and Greenwich Pumping Station

Thank you for your interest in joining the Deptford Church Street and Greenwich Pumping Station Community Liaison Working Group. We look forward to meeting you.

An informal drop in session will be held on Thursday 28 July, 5pm-8pm at the following venue:

Creekside Discovery Centre
14 Creekside

The team will be on hand to answer your questions.

We look forward to seeing you then, however, if you are unable to attend, please let us know.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to speak to someone, please call our 24-hour Tideway Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80.

Kind regards.


Smoke on Thames Water!


Strike a light – it’s a smokers’ paradise!

Local residents are seeing Deep Purple now that it has come to light that Thames Water’s first community ‘benefit’ is a makeshift smokers’ shelter on Crossfields Green, Deptford.

J Murphy & Sons’ first strike in their £multi-million contract to build the controversial Thames Tideway Tunnel was to construct an open-fronted plywood shed to protect the tobacco-loving teachers at nearby St Joseph’s Primary School from the elements.

The decision has ignited passions as local people say it will encourage smoking near the school and impact on the local environment. They point out that the contractors have already been responsible for damage to the green spaces locally, including by using Crossfields Green for parking.

“There’s no fire in the sky, but there’s definitely smoke on Thames Water!” says Nick Williams of campaign group, Don’t Dump on Deptford’s Heart. “But unlike ageing rockers, Deep Purple, Thames Water continue to demonstrate how out-of-touch they are. The Tideway Tunnel is an expensive, environmentally nonsensical anachronism that will add £80 a year to every Londoner’s water rates. They would be much better investing their energy on something that would truly light up the local community.”

Editor’s note: apologies to anyone who has not heard of Deep Purple. I’m guessing that’s pretty much anyone under the age of 50!

15 months of preparatory work starts

Thames Water, or ‘Tideway’ as they have now styled themselves, have set out the timetable for the next phases of preparatory works in and around Deptford Church Street.

From late September there will be 15 months of disruption as contractors J Murphy & Sons work up to 55 hours a week to relocate the utilities around Crossfields Green.

The works will be in four phases and will be concentrated on Coffey Street and Crossfields Street for the first seven months before moving on to the potentially much more disruptive Deptford Church Street for the remaining eight. Here, the busy through road will be reduced to one lane in each direction for four months at a time in each direction, though efforts will be made to provide for pedestrians, cyclists and to relocate the pedestrian crossing. Although entry to the school and church will be preserved, any movement in and out of Bronze Street and Berthon Street will be prevented for up to four months.

The details and map will be published here soon. The help desk, for those with queries, can be contacted on 0800 0721 086. The next meeting of the Community Liaison Working Group is promised for October.

What is unclear is what part of the site the contractors will occupy. Though their notification talks about fencing off and moving in equipment, it is not obvious where this enclosure will be. We have sought clarification and will report back here as soon as we have an answer.

Preparatory roadworks start in August

Map shows the trial trenches

Map shows the trial trenches

Thames Water propose to dig a minimum of seven trial trenches in the pavements and roads surrounding Crossfields Green over a three week period, starting on 27 July.

Precisely what they’re looking for isn’t explained but these ‘ground investigation works’ will presumably give some clues about what they’ll have to tunnel through. They’ll no doubt give us a taste of what’s to come as some of the footpaths will be closed and the plan seems to suggest that at least one of the northbound lanes in Deptford Church Street will be dug up.

On balance doing this work in August is probably good timing, especially for the children at St Joseph’s, and the traffic will no doubt be quieter. But it is likely to reduce use of the Green during the summer holiday. Regrettably this loss of amenity does not mean Thames Water will have to fund anything for the community under the section 106 agreement (the ‘compensation’ contract between the council and Thames Water,) this will have to wait until the works start for real. Deep joy.