The Plans

Thames Water want to use vital green space in the centre of Deptford as a worksite in the construction of the Thames Tunnel Super Sewer system. If the proposed works go ahead the land will, according to Thames Water, be a construction site for approximately  three and a half years whilst a shaft 17 meters in diameter and 46 meters deep is constructed. This will involve heavy excavation and construction work with all its associated noise and dust. It will also involve a large number of trucks coming on and off site and the closure of two lanes of Deptford Church Street for the best part of a year. The shaft at Crossfield would be used to connect the current storm relief sewer with a larger pipe which will meet the Thames Tunnel close to the River Thames.

After construction is completed the site will be accessible to the public again. However,

1) At least four vents for the sewer pipes will remain on site. These will be six meters high. These will be an eyesore and present questions about the potential for smells from the sewage pipe they will vent.
2) A permanent structure will remain on the site for Thames Water’s use.
3) The site will be a key access point for engineers.
Detailed plans for the site have been published by Thames Water. See them HERE.

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