Keep it considerate

imageIf you were kept awake last night by the roadworks on Deptford Church Street you will find no comfort in the fact that major works in this area are set to continue for another three and a half years.

These works, commissioned by Thames Water for their super sewer project, could be a taste of what is to come on the western side of Deptford Church Street. And, of course, the context is of very significant building work across the area which already causes considerable noise, dust and traffic and parking problems. The combined effect is to make a living here a lot less comfortable.

It is important that you do complain if you are disturbed. It may make no practical impact in the short term but it does help us argue for better protection for residents in future and to assists our campaign to improve liveability in this area.

The Thames Water 24 hour helpdesk phone line is actually staffed 24 hours a day so if you are inconvenienced by the works going on along Deptford Church Street we recommend you ring them and make sure you log a formal complaint. They do respond even in the middle of the night. Last night they were able to establish by about half past midnight that the works would continue for up to another two hours which proved to be correct, though the news was of no particular use to anybody. It was not mentioned in any of their publicity, which had blandly referred only to the road closure.

So, if you want to complain or find out more about what’s going on then the telephone number of the 24-hour helpline is 08000 30 80 80 or you can email them at Copy in the council at

And look out for their community liaison working group meeting on 28 November. Details from


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